Xampp server Mysql db not starting how to recover db and make it working possible without backup

Some time you can see your XAMPP server not starting specially MYSQL database not start in XAMPP. It refuse to fail to start always. Today I also faced same issue and my bad I was not having backup of the db almost 15 database no backup. So I was struggling so much to recover it and you know once mysql not start then there we hopeless since we cant see our data.

if you forget to keep backup, but don't worry, here I  found the good way to restore  all mysql db's in xampp server in window , mac and Linux.

Steps are below after the screen shot.


Xampp mysql error window screen shot


Step 1: Stop your Xampp Control and exit.


Step 2: Go to your apache folder , example in my case I will go




screen shot is below:


Mysql folder screen shot in xampp


Step3: Keep the backup of 2 folder in your desktop or somewhere.






Screen shot below

Rename this 2 folder to backup restore now screen shot


STEP 4: Now you take backup folder and rename it  data which you have from STEP 3


Step 5: Copy ibdata1 file as below screen shot from backup folder mentioned in STEP 3


Copy this file from STEP 3 backup screen shot


and PASTE it under data folder from STEP 4 example below in my case.




Step 6: Now you can copy all the database or whichever db you want to restore from step 3 above


Reference Step3: Keep the backup of 2 folder in your desktop or somewhere.


C:jayxamppmysqldata[FOLDER]  --which you keep backup in desktop


AND PASTE IT into C: actual folder where your xampp is running ex in my case.








Screen shot is below



Copy paste source and target

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