LaunchDarkly course

 LaunchDarkly is a tool which helps migration on API, DB and Code smoother and faster.

Today I have cleared a basic level course and test in this. 2024, January 29 (Monday) 

 LaunchDarkly certificate Level1


LaunchDarkly email Level1


Launch Darkly based on my learning bullet points:

1. High Speed

2. High Velocity

3. Low Risk

4. SDLC and release processes are smoother.

5. Easy deployment

6. Without fear, moving with flags.

7. The locking period is shorter during the deployment; there is no need to shut down the app.

8. Regression tests and verification can be done.

9. Role of product manager and deploy manager, along with other roles available

10. Any time, we can release it if needed.

11. Crisp and clean deployment


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