interview question

1.What is name space in php?
2.What is global function in PHP?
3.What are magic methods and what’s the use of this?
4.node.js, require.js, handlebars.js and socket.io?
5.Differences between abstract class and interface in PHP
Following are some main difference between abstract classes and interface in php


a.In abstract classes this is not necessary that every method should be abstract. But in interface every method is abstract.

b.Multiple and multilevel both type of inheritance is possible in interface. But single and multilevel inheritance is possible in abstract classes.

c. Method of php interface must be public only. Method in abstract class in php could be public or protected both.

d. In abstract class you can define as well as declare methods. But in interface you can only defined your methods.

6. mysql injection: mysql_real_escape_string()

7. how to deal XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) reflected and stored ?
htmlentities() is good for a start.

8. – SQLite
– CouchDB
– MongoDB
– Android
– Apple iOS
– Etcetera

9. simpli leran
how session work in php? how autoload work? name different design patterns? different ways of optimizing database queries? write code for fibonacci series
Caching : Memcache / Redis / APC / Varnish
JS Frameworks : Bootstrap / AngularJS / Knockout / EmberJS

10. mysql clustring?

Abstract classes cannot be instantiated, but they can be subclassed.

12. ionic framework (based on Angular) to design hybrid mobile applications
MongoDB+Angular js

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