Flex and Php code for uploading file


Readers. I m giving you simple example regarding Upload File server side php and client side Flex using.

This is very simple like plug play(copy paste) and enjoy the working code. Below line i m giving step by step coding:

PHP Coding:

1. Click here to download the Php code

2. Copy above Php code

3. Create a file like this file structure : http://localhost/jay/flex/upload/file_upload.php and paste here above code.

Note: don’t miss to start wamp/any server for php

Flex Coding:

4. Click here to download the Flex code

5. Copy above Flex code and paste in your any name flex application page. like upload1.mxml

6. and run this .mxml page.

7. Congrates you have done without any erroor.

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